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I am getting a new LJ. I don't have the cash for a name change, so I will be deleting this one in THREE DAYS. I will contact you all shortly with the new LJ name, in your LJ's.

Don't worry nothing is going on and i AM NOT leaving :-P I just want to spiff up things and use a better name :-)

Anyone have any ideas on a name though?? lol

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If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

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I'm saving up now for these 2 lovely things...

Under this one i want Austin's name under the blue one and Amanda's under the pink. Maybe even with their birthdates.

Of course i want Terry's name and not some strangers' lol

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I FINALLY got Austin to eat Tuna! Not alot but freakin' hell i can't complain he ate 3 spoon fulls :)

WooT WooT!

*dances around like a clown*

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I'm writing a letter to Vanessa mzvanessa if any of you that know her want me to add a little note from you just let me know by 10PM EST tonight :)

nessa if you ever see this, sorry for the shitty picture lol

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I'm always fucking cencoring myself on LJ just so i don't offend or upset anyone and their precious little feelings. Well fuck that. This is my fucking journal and if you don't fucking like what i write, fuck you. Don't tell me what or what not to write in my journal. Don't tell me to put certian things behind a cut. I can AND will do whatever i fucking wish.
I am not saying this to offend anyone. I don't want anyone to cut me or anything but don't fucking tell me what i can and can't do in my fucking journal. If you can't handle what i writ..... ignore me, un-friend me, scroll past my entry.
I hate when people tell you what to do on YOUR OWN journal/blog. Fuck, if i want to post fucking rotted pussy shots of a dog getting fucked by an 80 yr old man (EW! gross!) then i can...cause know what? IT'S MY FUCKING JOURNAL.
Like i said, not writing this to piss anyone off, no one pissed me off, and i still e-lurve you all but...
As of right this second i will no longer censor anything. I will not pretend to be a miss goody two-shoes, i will not be all "Aww poor baby" if i really think you are a fucking moron.

On another note. If i haven't replied to you much it's not because i don't like you or find you boring. It's just that i either don't know what to say or i just have no comment on the question (if one asked) at hand.

I am in the proccess of changing some stuff in my life for the better. Don't worry (yeah like anyone really does haha!) terry,austin,amanda and i are all still happy and loving each other.

I want to be less butch, less boy/man-like and BE the girl/woman i actually am. Now i don't want to go drastic and do the nasty ass dress shit in the fall/winter (summer i might consider if it's something nice...i dunno though...) but this whole wearing boy's/men clothes is getting fucking old. I don't fucking know how it's going to go. I pass pretty well as a guy, i am not a bad looking guy but being the woman i was born as... fuck i make one ugly ass girl. I have a pussy and tits, why the fuck does god have to be twice evil against me and make me ugly as fucking sin and get a fucking period. ok ok that's harsh, i am no christian or follow my catholic faith but i still love "HIM", whomever "HE" might be. It just irrates me that someone as wonderful as i am inside has to be so fucking ugly on the outside. I know what some of you are going to say... "Oh you are a pretty girl" Fuck off though. I know i am ugly. I am over that.
I almost baught a purse today... 0_o
I feel so crabby right now nut at the same time so happy and bubbly.
Life and body are so fucking confuzzling...

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I finally gave in and got AIM, and contaminated my shit box haha

talk to me people i'm bored, my screen name is: rishiedaweirdo

hahaha fuck i suck

come on bitchaz amuse me ok!

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Can you live life walking
if you were born to fly?
you can try, but your soul
will know the difference and
it will call out for the sweet
release of being free in the
vast blue skies of your home.

A bird that never flew is said
not to miss the rush of flight
but how wrong that is because the
bird was meant to fly, born to fly
and he lives a tormented life knowing
he never will, though he shows no pity.

To take flight is a rush like no other,
the wind whipping
the feeling of nothing below
the heady feeling that you could plunge
to your death any second but in that
same thought know that you won't.

Your heart beating, your pulse racing
that damned satisfied smile you get.

To lose all such or to be denied
is like being denied your next breath

Soaring in the clouds, like a bird
so free, so calm, so right.

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Hey if anyone is bored or whatnot I would love for someone to make me a pretty icon for LJ/GJ. A couple if possible. You know.... one of just me saying "Don't let my smile fool you" On top. On bottom: "I'm 100% Bitch!"

and of course a mommy icon... i have one of austin on krazie_elmo but I would love one of Amanda too. LIKE MY CURRENT ICON

I want one of Me on top 1/2 of icon and my 2 kids on middle and terry on bottom (kind of like the brady buch screen when they show the family hehehe...

and somehow fit on it... "The Hudson Bunch" (no quotations though) :)

If anyone doesthis i will lurve you FOREVER :)

Cookies and dinner for the first one to help :)

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